Peter Morwood

This post is a very useful resource and I wish I’d seen it years ago. I’ve been watching - or at least in the same room as - The Avengers several times this week - it’s been showing on Sky and D loves it to bits, but every time I hear “Natasha Romanoff” I mutter “Romanova" under my breath. Is it really that difficult, especially since the comic version seems to get it right?

As the photos show, my own messing-about with Russian history and folklore was eventually translated into Russian by professionals (who probably had a hoot at some of the blunders, especially inappropriate use of fluffiness by Mar’ya Morevna, who is very often as far from fluffy as it’s possible for a romantic lead to be.)

I later used this Russian version - I read Cyrillic, but verrrry slowly - to back-translate for the e-books. Result: something that probably still provokes smiles, but (hopefully) not quite as much rolling on the floor…